Sustainable POS displays made of cardboard

Environmentally friendly display production with our own green energy in Osnabrück

We carry out our environmental protection measures directly in the company. You can look around on site. We are happy to welcome our customers in Osnabrück and introduce you to our work. Please feel free to contact us.

Top 4

  • Our solar plant produces more electricity per year than we need for our production and office. This is how we can help to save CO2 emissions.
  • We do not need any fossil fuels, but use leftover pallets and wood for our heating system with buffer storage and heat recovery. In this way we also avoid transport routes for fuel delivery and disposal of waste.
  • We produce directly on site in Osnabrück with modern machines. In this way we reduce transport routes and have full control over the soustainability of technology and material.
  • Our displays with GD2 cardboard have a particularly high proportion of recycled material.
  • We use self-made cardboard boxes to ship displays
  • We are constantly optimizing our energy balance, e.g. with the use of complete LED lighting and innovative machines
  • Our online catalog reduces analogue prints
  • We do not carry out representative trips
  • We also support bus tickets or e-bikes, flexible working hours make it possible to reduce trips

Our sustainability workflow

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard consists of Ø approx. 80% recycled fibres. The Ø approx. 20% fresh fibers required are broken wood or thinning material. No trees are felled for corrugated board. Our board suppliers offer board from controlled sources and FSC-certified board. Corrugated cardboard is stable, so we can achieve the highest loads. Due to low weight, cardboard displays can be easily transported. After use the material can be returned to the recycling cycle without any problems.

Ecological Signet

The Verband der Wellpappeindustrie (vdw – German Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Industry Association) has developed an eco-signet, which can be printed on displays and packaging made of corrugated cardboard.


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