Ecological production and recyclable material

Environmental protection on-site

We would be pleased to show our customers the sustainable production facilities at our premises in Osnabrück.

Sustainable production facilities

We generate solar energy and and have installed a photovoltaic power plant on our roof, wich generates more electricity than our requirement. So we do our part to reduce CO2 emissions. Our heating system is a wood gasification boiler, which is fed with wood scrap and old wooden pallets. It is completed by a buffer storage system that stores heat and a heat recovery system.

Our investments in the latest manufacturing technology ensure an eco-friendly production. All our light fittings are low-energy LED units and transportation emissions are kept to a minimum as we offer all services from our own premises and our products are delivered flat-packed.

Ecology at spot display:

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a recyclable natural resource. Displays made of cardboard are not only multifunctional, stable and lightweight but mean customers value the ecological appearance. After use all material can be easily disposed and recycled.

Öko Signet

The Verband der Wellpappeindustrie (vdw – German Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Industry Association) has developed an eco-signet, which can be printed on displays and packaging made of corrugated cardboard.

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