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Low-priced cutting dies for high-quality small production runs

günstige Stanzformen für Displays

spot cutting dies:

  • Own production of cutting dies with modern laser technology
  • Individual design and high-quality displays also for small production runs
  • fast and flexible manufacturing
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Price for an individual cutting die e.g.: from 249,- €
  • 24 month storage of your cutting dies free of charge

Individual design and high-quality displays

We specialise in medium and small production runs and are one of the market leaders in the segment when it comes to quality, delivery times and price. By using the effective spot production system with reasonably priced cutting dies, produced using laser technology, we can offer you individual displays and packaging at an excellent price/performance ratio. 

High-quality Promotional Displays
High-quality Promotional Displays


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